Planning for 清算

The following guide will help you prepare for 清算, from key dates to opening hours, you will find all you need to plan your next move.

9月 applications9月 2022 applications are open

清算 is now open

电话: 020 8331 9000 | 通过实时聊天申请

How do you plan for 清算? The following guide is designed to help you out and let you know when we're open on and around results day.

Webinar: 清算 made easy

Learn more about 清算 and finding the right course for you



  • Think about the courses you would like to study and any alternatives.
  • Take a virtual tour of the universities you're interested in.
  • By signing up for Priority Access, you can join an exclusive 清算 webinar.


Collect the information you need, so you're ready to go:

  • Your UCAS number (if you have one)
  • Grades, such as A-level, BTEC and GCSEs
  • An idea of the courses you'd like to study
  • 清算 phone numbers and opening times.


The standard timeline runs as follows.


  • Your grades are released on the UCAS website.
  • If your UCAS Hub status says, 'In 清算' or '清算 has started', or if you've changed your mind, 取得联系!
  • Our phone lines will be open from 8am. 给bet36体育官网打电话 020 8331 9000 (or your priority number if you have one).
  • If the course you want to do is full, there may be similar courses available.


  • You can submit your 清算 decision from 3pm. This gives you time for research before you make any decisions.
  • If the university confirms that it will accept you, you can add this to 'Your Choices' on UCAS.
  • You can speak to as many universities as you like, but you can only add one 清算 choice to accept at a time.

清算 开放ing Hours

During 清算, our advisors are available by phone (020 8331 9000) and Live Chat during the hours below.

日期 开放
Tuesday 05 July - 18 August (weekdays) 上午9点-下午5点
Thursday 18 August (A-level / BTEC results) 8点- 8点
8月19日星期五 上午8点——7点
Thursday 25 August (GCSE results) 8点- 6点
8月26日星期五 上午9点-下午5点
8月20日星期六 上午9时至下午4时(夏令时)
8月21日周日 上午10时至下午1时(夏令时)
Monday 22 August onwards 上午9点-下午5点

If you need to contact us outside of these times, you can email and we'll get back you as soon as we can.


05 July: 清算 opens

If you have your results, you can start 清算.

7月- 8月

国际 Baccalaureate (IB) results are expected in July (date TBC).

18 August: A-level and BTEC results

Once you have all your results, you can contact our 清算 team. You can refer yourself on UCAS to a university from 2pm on this day.

25 August: GCSE results

GCSE results will be released on this day, if they are needed to 支持 your application.


清算 continues until our courses are full or the academic year begins.